What does an IT Managed Service Provider do?

What does an IT Managed Service Provider do?

Neos Technology is an IT Managed Service Provider, but what does that actually mean?

Do you run a business?

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, the use of IT is something that none of us can avoid. You may use your computer all day, you might only have occasional IT use. Either way, all business owners need the IT systems to be up and running constantly.
What can an IT Managed Service Provider do for your small business?

Think about how much you currently use IT for your business.

    • Do you store data?
    • Run payroll and accounting systems?
    • Create and share documents?
    • Email?
    • Keep records?
    • Use social media for marketing?
    • Write a blog?

For many business owners, IT isn’t the main focus of their business but it is at the core of keeping their business going. Imagine how little you would achieve without the use of IT; whether with computers, mobile devices or even POS. Chances are you’re an expert in the core part of your business, but not in IT.

That’s where having an IT Managed Service Provider can be invaluable, particularly if you don’t want to hire specialist staff.

An IT Managed Service Provider is an excellent choice for being cost-effective and maintaining a high level of expertise.

What can Neos Technology do for your business?

At Neos Technology, we can offer your business many benefits over a traditional in-house IT department:
    • Reduction in staffing costs
    • Round-the-clock proactive support
    • Reduction of downtime due to IT issues
    • Increased security
    • Additional expert support for all staff
Whatever the size of your business, Neos Technology can help with your IT support requirements. Contact us for a no obligation chat about your business.