Quick Tips For Increasing Laptop Security

Quick Tips For Increasing Laptop Security

If you’re anything like us, you probably quite enjoy getting away from the (home) office. We like to work from a coffee shop at least once a week for a change of scenery. Then of course there are instances of needing to work from our client’s places of business.


Have you ever considered how to keep your laptop safe whilst out and about?


Keeping your laptop safe when working out and about | Neos Technology


Physical Security


There are ways to lock your laptop down from outside of the machine. First, be sure that your laptop bag is always on your person, or that you use a padlock to keep the zipper securely closed. Most work benches at the airport have legs that you can easily secure the carry strap to. Or you can use a cable lock to secure it to something like a chair fastened to the ground or a building pillar.


Keeping your laptop safe working out and about | Neos Technology


Second, always keep a Kensington lock in your bag, and break it out every single time that you use your laptop in a public area. These are inexpensive, and if your company has an IT provider, you could always ask if they have any spares. If you’re showing initiative to protect company assets, your company will most likely listen.


Software Security


We’re not talking about McAfee or Norton here, but something more along the lines of location software.


Do you use location software on your mobile devices? | Neos Technology


Examples of this are Lojack for Laptops if you have a Windows machine, or Find My Mac if you are an Apple user. To help protect your information, these applications will setup passcodes that the thief will have to hack to bypass. They can also provide the location of your device if missing or stolen.


Backup Solution


If your device does go missing, you know as well as we do that work can’t be put on hold. It continues to pile up, causing a lot of inconvenience. Sadly, the world doesn’t stop even if your laptop is stolen. You need to be able to back up your most valuable data and recover it at a moment’s notice with a legitimate backup solution.


How quickly could you recover your data if you lost your laptop? | Neos Technology


We’re not just talking about a file backup like Dropbox or Google Drive. A truly reliable backup solution allows for visualisations of your laptop, so you can login to this virtual copy of your machine and it’s just like you’re sitting in front of it again.


Have you considered Mobile Device Management?



If you’d like to talk with us about how MDM could benefit you, book in a call with us.