Is My Business Too Small For IT Support?

Is My Business Too Small For IT Support?

We’ve met a lot of small business owners recently that have all asked us the same question:


Is my business too small for IT support?


In a modern world where we all use technology every day, we think the question you should ask yourself is:


Can my business afford to be without IT support?


How Much Do You Use IT In Your Business?


How much do you rely on IT in your business?


Take a few minutes to just think about how you use technology in your business. Here are just a few things you might do on a daily basis:

  • Check your bank account
  • Issue an invoice
  • Write and reply to emails (hopefully not with your personal email account!)
  • Update website
  • Write and share blog posts
  • Place orders for supplies or stock
  • Keep up to date on industry news
  • Share updates on social media
  • Online networking


The Cost Of Keeping Your Technology Running Smoothly


What would being without IT support cost your business?


Finances can be a concern to a lot of small business owners. It’s only really when you’ve set your business up that you realise just how many expenses you can have. IT is probably way down on the list for many people and yet as we’ve seen above, is crucial to the day-to-day running of their company. Just think about how you’d manage if something happened to your laptop for example? How much money could you potentially lose from even one day of downtime?


We support a lot of small companies under 5 employees. These companies don’t have the financial resources for a traditional IT department. To employ even an entry-level IT technician in Birmingham currently will cost between £15,000 – £20,000. Add on top of that tax, NI contributions, etc. and it isn’t always cost-effective to have in-house support!


We Can Be Your IT Department


That’s where we come in. The businesses we support pay for round-the-clock support, regular site visits or ad-hoc support. They get highly qualified technicians, without all of the associated running costs of an IT department. In most cases businesses save money, as they are always on top of any IT problems before they become catastrophes.


No business is too small for IT support!


If you’d like to find out about the range of IT support we can provide and talk about the best option for your business, please contact us here.