How To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

How To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly
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At Neos Technology, we are passionate about making our business as eco-friendly as possible, so here are our tips to help you do the same.


There are plenty of ways that you can make your business a little more eco-friendly by tweaking a few things in your working environment. It doesn’t matter whether you have premises, or work from home. Making your business more eco-friendly comes with a whole host of benefits too; not just for yourself, but also for your employees and the wider world.


Benefits of an eco-friendly work environment


According to a study by the University of Queensland, employee productivity can rise by 15% in an office with potted plants. Plants can also contribute to improving air quality and reducing the effects of VOCs (Volcanic Organic Compounds) which are emitted from office equipment such as copy paper, printers, glue and photocopiers.


Working for a more environmentally aware company can boost staff morale, as found by a study by Kenexa Research Institute and employees often prefer working for companies that are socially responsible.


Eco-friendly workplaces are more likely to be healthier places to work too, meaning less time off sick for employees.


It has been shown consistently that having an eco-friendly business is good for your bottom line. Customers are often more keen to purchase from eco-friendly businesses, and will most likely pay a little extra too. In fact, a study by Nielsen indicated that 55% of consumers worldwide would pay more for products from eco-friendly and socially-responsible businesses.


You could also save money as a business too, if you’re prepared to shop around for an energy supplier, buy recycled products and cut down on consumption of office supplies. The greener your business is, the less you will spend.


Tips to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly


Have houseplants around your work space

Plants are great for your working environment!

Plants not only brighten up your work space, they also improve the air quality around you, help with humidity and can even reduce the need for air conditioning.


Go paperless

Switch to Evernote and save paper!

You could try switching to an app such as Evernote. Notebooks on Evernote can be shared and edited by your entire team wherever they are. You can even have notebooks that you can access offline too. If you’d like help setting up Evernote or learning about it’s functionality, we have an Evernote Community Leader who can help.


Switch to loose leaf tea or ground coffee

Machines which use plastic pods are a popular and hassle-free option of making hot drinks. However, the pods can’t be reused or recycled. It’s worth noting that tea bags also contain small amounts of plastic too. You could switch to loose leaf tea and ground coffee, looking for organic and fair trade where possible.


Use a reusable coffee cup

Use a travel cup to be more eco-friendly!

…or drinks bottle when you’re out and about. This can also save you money too as many high street chains offer a small discount when you use your own cup. We really love our Star Wars coffee cups from KeepCup!


Buy recycled office supplies

Not only can you buy recycled paper and other stationery items, consider recycled office furniture too. Even just switching to recycled toilet roll is a good start!


Try out Ecosia

Ecosia is a greener alternative to Google. They plant trees for each search, using money generated from adverts and it won’t cost you a thing to use. You can set it as your homepage and even download the app onto mobile devices.


Switch cleaning supplies

Does Your Business Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are not only better for the environment, but they’re often better for our health too. Most supermarkets have a selection of eco-friendly cleaning products, so they’re not difficult to find either.


Switch to a renewable energy company

Switch to renewable energy

Not only are there companies that deal exclusively in renewable energy, your current provider may have a green tariff you can switch to. It may not be as expensive as you think either; use a comparison website to find out.


Open an ethical business bank account

Ethical finance for your business

Triodos Bank is based in Bristol and “uses the power of finance to support projects benefiting people and the planet”. For example, they have 25 years experience in financing renewable energy.


So there we have our nine top tips for making your business more eco-friendly. As you can see, so many of these switches are easy and won’t cost you any more money!

This blog post contains affiliate links