What Your Email Address Says About You

What Your Email Address Says About You

Let’s talk about your email address…


What’s Your Email Address?


Does this sound familiar? You’ve registered the perfect web domain for your business. You’ve spent time and money on your website and branding. But wait, your email address is the personal one you’ve been using for years. Who cares, right?


Perhaps your business pre-dates the internet, or maybe it’s just grown organically without it. You probably hadn’t planned to even have a website. Either way, computers aren’t a core part of your business and now you find your website domain and email domain don’t match.

First Impressions Count


Your email address is often one of the principal ways that people will make contact with your business. Most of us are more likely to fire off an email to someone rather than phoning them. It’s a good way to make a less-than-stellar first impression if, to contact your business, someone has to address their email to your Gmail or Hotmail account.


Your email address is likely to be proudly displayed on your business card, a letterhead, receipts or maybe even on a company vehicle. It’s probably written next to your website, just highlighting the fact that the domains are not the same.


What’s The Problem?


Using an email domain that differs from your website domain just doesn’t look professional. If you received an email that came from Sainsburys@myfreemailprovider.com, would you take it seriously? Of course not, you’d assume it was spam. Why should your small business be any different? It’s all about perception. Having an address that matches your website domain is a very easy way to portray a professional image of your brand.


It’s Too Much Hassle!


The most common reason we come across for small business owners to not use their website domain for their email is that they think it will be a hassle. The misconception is that the set up is too difficult, and checking a separate mailbox will be a hassle. Or that having used a different address for a long time, switching over would lose emails and contacts. This just isn’t the case.


Neos Technology can set up email addresses on your domain, switch over your old accounts and help you out with all of your email-related questions. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.